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Welcome on the Naga Gave Me Harpies website!

Naga Gave Me Harpies is a casual horde raiding guild on EU-Jeadenar. We have a small history in The Burning Crusade and are planning on leaving our footprint in Wrath Of The Lich King aswell. We aim on clearing mostly 10men instances on the following days:
Other Guild News

We are back!

Boelliebol, Apr 12, 10 5:43 AM.
Yes it happend people,

After a smooth chill and awesome vacation we are back again! Polish your armor and start camping AH for flasks because we will be raiding again soon and were going harder, faster and better then ever!


Improve your gear NOW!

Boelliebol, Mar 25, 10 4:02 PM.
Check this site,

Fill in your charr and server, and let the webstite tell you what you need to improve!




Boelliebol, Mar 25, 10 8:20 AM.
Hey there

For all the new people that join the guild and find themnselves not raiding enough read the next few lines.
We are currently pretty full for one 10 man raid group, but we will start a second 10man raid group or even an 25Man raid group.

Also most of the guild leaders will be on vacation from 02/04 untill 11/04 then they will return to the battlegrounds asap unless they have crahsed and died in the mountains.



Progress in Icecrown Citadel!

Boelliebol, Mar 24, 10 9:25 AM.
Hay everyone

Here a small post to keep everyone up to date of our ICC progress.
At this time the guild has downed 8/12 bosses in Icecrown, the latest progress was yesterday (23/03/2010).

We completed the Plagueworks with killing Professor Putricide after a hell of a lot attempts spread over 2 weeks. Afterwards we starded with the first boss of The Frostwing Halss, Misses Valithria Dreamwalker. After a few tries we saved her ass too.

As the night fell we had a few attempts on the Blood Prince Council I think we got themn till 60% if I'm right.

Still, it was an awesome raidnight and some fat loot dropped for some people. If we keep this rate of killing bosses up the Lich King can better shit his pants then because we'll be knocking his door soon.


Our first little steps in ICC10

Schaamluis, Mar 2, 10 10:30 AM.
First off all let me say: Great Job people!
We got our first 4 bosses down relatively smooth and the best part off it:
It was a really fun raid! :)
First boss: Lord Marrowgar
Down after 3 (I think) tries, we just needed to get some internet connections stable and he was like a walk trough the park
Citadel Enforcer's Claymore ms to Nilly
Cord of the Patronizing Practitioner ms to Schaamluis
Second boss: Lady Deathwisper
Down on first try!
Scourgelord's Baton os to Präälen
Chestguard of the Frigid Noose ms to Lerpad
Third boss: Gunship Battle
Down on Second try.
Bracers of Pale Illumination ms to Akashi
Icecrown Rampart Bracers de
4th boss: Deathbringer Saurfang
Down on 4th try
Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff ms to Praälen
Gargoyle Spit Bracers ms to Kitaco

The website is live!!

Schaamluis, Feb 24, 10 9:45 AM.
Yes yes, It happend, the website is live!
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